Friday, November 18, 2011

DevOps to NoOps - cloud APIs (MuleiON)

Presentation content changed to DevOps to NoOps from Integrating SaaS applications with Mule iON

The speaker wen through a discussion on APIs explosion, popular ones, the ones he thinks we should be considering in cloud application and how MuleiON can be used to properly decouple an application from all the cool cloud APIs discussed and presented.

Presentation slides: here.

  • impact of APIs
  • top 10 you should be looking at
  • integrating with APIs
The impact of APIs
Programmable Web web site follows API proliferation (doubling/tripling every year!)
APIs more and more seen as revenue streams

Architecture change
The traditional 3-tier architecture (client, server, data) is being decomposed so that 3rd party applications can start using middle-tier APIs and the Data-tier changed from a typical DB into SaaS, web services, social media APIs, etc. - the data no longer lives in one place but distributed in the cloud

Technology shift
Traditional Application Environements: Application/Web-App server/DB/OS
New Application Environments: Application/PaaS (in place of Web/App server)/IaaS (in place of DB and OS, ex: Amazon EC2)

Top 10 APIs by usage
  1. Google Maps
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Flicker
  5. Amazon eCommerce
  6. Facebook
  7. Twilio - Telephony service
  8. eBay
  9. - Radio service
  10. Google search
Top 10 cloud APIs - choices from speaker
  1. Twilio: Telephony/SMS as a service - build text/sms/voice apps really easily (excellent API, takes seconds)
  2. DropBox: File Sharing as a service - share files between all your devices/friends/coworkers
  3. PubNub: Publish/Subscribe Messaging as a service - real-time, global messaging for cloud and mobile apps (as about as real-time as the web can get - low latency of about 55ms over web).
  4. Katasoft: Application Security as a service (now in Private BETA) - user account management, authentication and access control in your application
  5. AirBrake: Error Management as a service - interesting approach to error management, no need to hit the logs (can be connected to JIRA for example)
  6. MongoHQ: MongoDB as a service - create MongoDB in seconds
  7. SendGrid: email as a service - way better than normal email (like gmail) and no need to run an email server
  8. loggly: logging as a service - manage logs and enables easy search and navigation
  9. Amazon S3: file system as a service - simple API for storing both large and small files
  10. xeround (the cloud database): MySQL as a service - direct replacement to MySQL
see slides for all the alternatives/contenders as well.

The API challenge

All APIS are not equal
  • Hard to work with different APIs (different approaches, security schemes, data formats, interpretations of REST)
  • lots of custom code in your app.
iPaaS: Do not clutter your app
Use MuleiON (integration PaaS) for loose coupling your app to this cool stuff
Your killer app --> integration layer (ex: MuliON) --> cool stuff (Twitter, etc. all that we just listed above)

  • Configuration approach to APIs
  • Handled for you (security, session management, streaming, http callbacks)
  • consume and invoke multiple services, retries, error handling
Essentially, decouples and keeps your application code clean


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