Friday, November 18, 2011

Final Impressions from QCon SF 2011

The past three days have been quite intense and I'm on the verge of a total information overload. All that aside, the QCon San Francisco International Software Development Conference was in my eyes a great success. Me and my work colleague came here on an information seeking mission and I can now say with great confidence that we have achieved our goal. In fact, we might have collected enough data to sift through for the next couple of weeks which will then package that in a form that is consumable in our work environment. The discussions and idea exchange will definitely continue for us but at a more local level. Some of the posts on this blog have been updated with new information as it was make available so don't be shy to re-read some of them. Also, for those would couldn't make to QCon SF in person, don't forget to check-out in the coming weeks for videos of some of the presentations.

A few numbers to put things into perspective, at the moment of the writing of this post, we have a count of over 950 page views coming from mostly from North America but also surprisingly from South America (Argentina) and Europe (France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland). I'm guessing the postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have helped that a little :) These numbers aren't that impressive by Internet standards but is a personal record for the little blogging that I do, #win!

Thanks everyone who took the time to look at our blog and leaving some comments. I hope you enjoyed the re-hashed content pseudo-reporting style of our posts; I, for one, have enjoyed the experience of writing them.

On that note, we have to proceed with a quick extraction of the premises as our flight back home leaves in just a couple of hours. See you back in at the Mothership in Montreal!

The Mothership!

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