Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Objects on Trial Keynote

This morning, objects are being put on trial. Before us is the head Judge and a panel of jurors accusing objects of the following serious charges:
  • Did no deliver the promise of code reuse, reusable component marketplaces and frameworks that would take the drudgery out of programming
  • Inability to communicate intent clearly amongst themselves
  • Insisting on intimately encapsulating behaviour and mutable state, and by having paid inadequate attention to concurrent, have left the industry vulnerable to what some have dubbed an ill-conceived "Neo-Functional Renaissance"
  • Eschewing static type information forcing implementers to sacrifice performance in the name of linguistic simplicity
  • High skill and education required to adequately craft state-of-the-art code to a level that is beyond what the industry is prepared to pay for
In the accused box are the following:
  • A Penguin (Tux)
  • A coffee mug (Java)
  • A UML object (a.k.a. person, corporation, domain, identifier, serializable, cloneable, iterable)

Objects did not plead anything upon being faced with the aforementioned accusations. The head of the jury now rises and pronounces the objects GUILTY as charged!

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