Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Warm San Francisco Welcome

Well, this morning was an interesting one. On the ride from the hotel to the conference, we passed through what the cab driver referred to as "the worst neighborhood in town" seeing a healthy load of bums, a weirdo with a "Jesus Loves You!" placard and two suspicious gentlemen enjoying a "smoke" from a glass pipe.

Traveller Tip: if you go to San Francisco, ALWAYS EXIT A TAXI ON THE CURB SIDE. Failing to do so will get you promptly warned by the trolley drivers that doing so is dangerous. I must've met the nicest one in town which quickly pulled the break, yelled and gratuitously called my an a-hole. Awesome! :)

All this aside, if you ever are in town, do visit the Blue Bottle Coffee on Mint Street (map here) as they make some good breakfast foods and a killer cappuccino. Highly recommended.

Thats it for now. Getting ready to attend the first keynote.

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