Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stratos - an Open Source Cloud Platform

Presentation given by WSO2, the producer of Stratos cloud-reated products. Here's some pointers from their presentation. I think this should interest all our people working on SOA implementation.

Presentation slides here.

Slide 1
  • Presentation of Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • online data doubles online every 15 months and the number of apps kind of follow the same trend
  • what the Cloud is really depends on who you are (ex: online music for teenagers, emails for your mom, prospects for a sales guy, etc.)
Slide 2:
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) is what is positioned between IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service, ex: Amazon) and SaaS (Software as a Service, ex: Google Apps)
  • Stratos tries to insert itself in between the hardware and the software platforms.
Slide 3:
What does Cloud native means:
  • Distributed/Dynamically wired (i.e. it works properly in the cloud)
  • Elastic (i.e. it uses the cloud efficiently)
  • Multi-tenant (i.e. it only costs when you use it)
  • Self-service (i.e. you put it in the hands of users)
  • Granularity billed (i.e. you pay for just what you use)
  • Incrementally deployed and tested (i.e. it support seamless live upgrades - Continuous update, SxS, in-place testing and incremental deployment)
Slide 4:
Apply those concepts to an Enterprise architecture… Cloud is no only about Web apps, it is also about Portal, Queues and topics, DB, Registry/Repositories, Rules/CEP queries, Integrations, etc.

Slide 5:
What are the various dimensions to evaluate a PaaS:
  • Which languages and APIs does it support? (Are you locked in?)
  • Can it run on a private cloud? (Are you locked in?)
  • Which services does it offer? (Are you locked in?)
  • Is it open source? (Are you locked in?)
Slide 6:
What are the cloud players:
1- Those without private PaaS
  • / Heroku
  • Google App Engine
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
2- Those with provate PaaS
  • Tibco
  • Microsoft
  • Cloudbees
3- Those with both
  • Stratos (obviously...)
  • others I missed.

Slide 6:
What is Stratos
  • A product: Open source, based on OSGi
  • Services (based on the product) called Stratos Live
Then we got a live demo of Stratus Live

For more details, see

This maybe interesting for App server, ESB, Repositories, etc. seems to be a fairly complete, consistent, integrated portfolio of middleware services.

Here's a list of what they claim their offer in Stratos Live:
  1. Application Server as a service
  2. Data as a service
  3. identity as a service
  4. Governance as a service (this one is for Pascal!)
  5. Business Activity Monitoring as a service
  6. Business Processes as a service
  7. Business Rules as a service
  8. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as a service
  9. Message Broker as a service
  10. etc.


  1. WSO2 platform is really something that we have to check ...

    It is already in the pipeline for our analysis.

  2. I'll be having a talk later today with the reps of this product at their booth.

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